Shashank Rastogi

Social Sector Professional

“I have struggled so much in penning this down- primarily because there is no one reason for me to make the promise. It just feels like the right thing to do.

To be able to make a promise like this is such a huge privilege in our society, and so many people have contributed for me to attain it. There is so much to be grateful for! 

The values my parents instilled in me and my brother, the sacrifices they made for us to have a better future and the opportunities they created for us. So many people who lent a hand and provided the support that I required at each juncture of my life, and the people who have guided me, and helped me learn and grow. The list seems endless when I reflect. 

This is the best way that I can express my gratitude to all of them….”

– Shashank Rastogi






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