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#LivingMyPromise is a community of like-minded Indians who believe in giving back to society. We help each other and invite advantaged people to commit to giving 50% or more of their wealth to philanthropic causes either during their lifetime or in their will. Anyone with a net worth of above INR 1cr can make the promise. The causes, organizations or activities you support are entirely your choice. We act as inspiration to each other to do the right thing, when needed the most.

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What is #LivingMyPromise?

#LivingMyPromise is an effort to help address society’s most pressing problems by inviting India’s well-to-do individuals and families to commit to giving equal to or more than half of their wealth to philanthropy or charitable causes either during their lifetime or in their will.

I do keep on contributing to charitable causes. But, why should I promise 50% of my wealth?

Not everyone has the time or option to do charity work. For those, this is their way they can choose to give back. For those already involved in charity work, it is a way of leaving a meaningful and substantial legacy for the causes they support.

Why do you insist on a 50% donation? Why not have lower % slab as well? Or why not a fixed amount?

People are inspired when they see others doing something extraordinary. We are more inspired by people who take a 50-90% cut in pay to switch to the social sector, than those who take a 10-25% cut in pay. Similarly, we are more inspired by people who donate 90% of their earnings than those who give away 10% of it. #LivingMyPromise is aimed at middle and upper middle class Indians and we have picked 50% of wealth as the benchmark to push middle class Indians to aspire towards. Any middle/ upper middle class Indian giving away 50% of their wealth is effectively accepting a standard of living for themselves much lower than they could if they chose not to give. Giving 10-25% may not involve a change in standard of living and is far less inspiring for others- this forms the basis of our choice of 50% as the benchmark. However, we’d be delighted to see other people/ organisations launch initiatives that build communities of those who promise to donate 10%, 25% or even 75% of their wealth.

The percentage is more important than the total amount of money, since someone with a net worth of Rs 1 cr giving 50 lacs is as valuable as someone with a net worth of Rs100cr giving Rs 50cr, whereas someone with a networth of Rs100cr giving Rs1cr in their lifetime doesn’t belong to the same group at all.

Why is this only for those with a net worth of Rs. 1 crore or more?

While #LivingMyPromise is about ordinary people, one of the goals is to ensure that those promising are committing a significant amount of money to charity.

There are thousands of people who have dedicated their lives to social issues and have foregone earnings to be able to do so. In our view, the contribution of these people exceeds that of the promisors. These people have often made far bigger sacrifices than we have. But that is a different segment of people who need to be recognized and appreciated differently. This platform is for ordinary people who have chosen the “normal” course of life, but have decided to make a difference nonetheless, by making a significant financial commitment to society.

The promise is also entirely moral with no mechanism to verify it. It would, hence, not work if the number of people committing to it were very large. Or if, in future, one wanted to verify it, the cost of verification itself would be a large percentage of the amount of money being pledged. Without a lower limit, the promise could easily be taken by millions of people and there would be no way to verify it, thus watering down the honesty behind the effort.

Who can promise?

Anyone who is a Rupee crorepati i.e. has a net worth of Rs. 1 crore or more including all assets (especially the home they live in), inheritance, etc. You can count all assets that are entirely yours- including property, jewelry, investments, etc., whether in India or anywhere else, less all your liabilities. If the inheritance is already received, you can count that too as part of your net worth, but if it is “promised and awaited”, you can’t.


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We organise exclusive offline and online events that help bring the community together. These events help us to learn from interesting personalities about philanthropy, economy and community.

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Dolphin Tank

Dolphin Tank is a Shark Tank format event to support young NGO startups as part of #LivingMyPromise’s #DaanUtsav celebrations….

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If you are interested in learning about the initiative or if you believe this is the community for you and want to join in please click on the link below.

One of our team members will contact you.