Meera Innanje

Finance professional 

“I am not super rich but giving away everything after my demise was in my mind for many years. LivingMyPromise is just a way of reaffirming my commitment and perhaps help impress at least few people to start thinking about it.   Why give away in part or full? Why not? If my surroundings and society had not facilitated,  I would not have been able to earn money and lead the comfortable life I am leading. My decent education and  the jobs that came my way,   were all so important  in helping me earn and save some. In other words, while I put in efforts, without the opportunities provided by the external environment, I would not have been financially comfortable.  My way of showing gratitude to this is by giving everything back from where I got it. Mind you,  I am also human and do  lead a comfortable life. But giving away both in my lifetime and afterwards gives me some satisfaction. I wish I could be spending my time in social service. If I am not cut out for that, the least I could  do is  financially help others. I do recognize that it’s still a drop in the ocean….”

– Meera Innanje


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