Kushal Raj Chakravorty

Non-Profit professional 

“Even though I was born in a middle class family, I have enjoyed the comforts of life thanks to good education, nutrition and mentoring since early years. However, I have been cognizant of it and been supporting various individuals via giving. I have a strong belief that selfless giving, no matter how small or big, is the way to bring a sense of calmness, joy and peace in the world. Through my past actions and endeavors, I have been doing my bit towards it. With LivingMyPromise, I will be going over and above what I have already done, with the hope that it will motivate many more individuals to make a pledge to contribute whatever they can to make this world a more empathetic place for everyone…..”

– Kushal Raj Chakravorty


If you are interested in learning about the initiative or if you believe this is the community for you and want to join in please click on the link below. One of our team members will contact you.