Vineet Saraiwala

Social Entrepreneur

“From being admitted to a good school , having 3 meals in a day , wearing fancy clothes , having a shelter of my own , I have realised how privileged I am. I was simply born in a middle class family by accident & my surroundings played a crucial role in shaping me. It is my responsibility that before I say Goodbye to the world I go by doing whatever little I can to make it slightly better for the next generations by giving whatever I have. I am deeply inspired by Venkat Krishnan & his selfless service for all of us. LivingMyPromise is one of the best things which can happen to me where I would be deeply rooted to the path of service without the strings of ego , fame & greed. We don’t take anything when we die & If I can help to improves live of all beings within my lifetime why not?  My lifestyle is simple & I don’t need so much money anyways to live a fulfilling life. At the end we would not be measured by our bank balance but Did our Action contribute to something positive?…”

– Vineet Saraiwala






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