Sherry Yezdani

Development sector professional

“I grew up constantly being reminded that members of my community were in numbers beneath consideration, but in philanthropy, perhaps unequal and certainly unsurpassed. From every point of view, was told that poverty and human suffering is wrong, and its removal, is not only a religious duty, but an act of great spiritual merit. In essence, all that was tried to imbibe, was that we attain true happiness by supporting and making others happy.

I am blessed in many many ways: to have recognised my life’s purpose fairly early – to be in the service of others, to know that money is not but just a means to some ends, and that giving from one’s overflow is a necessity to creating a world where each individual thrives.

Hoping #livingmypromise creates many avenues to put my social obligations to good use and enable equitable welfare systems.”

– Sherry Yezdani


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