Puneet Gupta

Corporate Executive 

“For me , giving is a kick. Nothing religious / karma-tic about it.

Haven’t found a better way to derive ” satisfaction ” than ” contributing for a cause  “.
Purely selfishness & nothing else drives me towards this. To enjoy life , one does find avenues to spend money and time.
Imagine an infant about to go blind for the rest of his life getting his eyesight for a cost of branded jeans or ladies purse.
I am certain any human with a balanced mind will find the latter avenue of spending much more enjoyable and lasting.
This ‘enjoyment’ is addictive…..more than any known drug in the world. Just that , many unfortunate folks who havent experienced this joy are missing the heavenly experience !
Some Godly statements :
Kya le kar aaye they aur kya lekar jaaoge – all of us have heard this somehow somewhere & believe in it.
Har insaan kismat saath laata hai…………starting with his ovarian luck.
Jis ko kuchch nahi chahiye , wohi Shahenshah.
If I am not gonna take anything with me post my finite life & my family members have their own fateline , isn’t it obvious for me to live life in style and enjoy DAILY to the fullest satisfaction ? Decide your “enough” and be a Shahenshah with no materialistic desires.
BUT I want to, have always tried & will continue to attempt earning as much as possible as my family requirement should be outpaced with the incoming income allowing me to pass on the delta towards the ‘kick cause’. My logical assumption is that the % extra / free beyond what’s enough for anyone & family goes up with increase of income & thus more the merrier.. The only catch is that one got to not change “what’s enough – genuine needs/wants” just because one has more now than earlier.
We, the fortunate < 0.1% of people , have the wherewithal to engage in this “kick” of life & thus I chose this path, thanks to the unflinching support of my wife & kids…”

– Puneet Gupta






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