Jagruti Gala

Educator, Transformational Coach, Founder Non-profit

I once heard a powerful descriptor of privilege – you know you have privilege when you do not have to think twice about something. Born and brought up in India, with it’s mind numbing social diversity, I consistently run up against my privileges, there is so MUCH that I never have to EVER think about… from fresh, running water each morning to brush my teeth with, to an empowered understanding of the power of my vote in a democracy! In the same breath, I am also sensitive to the experience of lack and inequity that comes with my social identity as a woman. 

This is the social dimension of awareness.

In the spiritual dimension, I was brought up with wonderful modelling and guidance to hold gratitude for and share from my many blessings. 

The pain of living in a society with such great inequity and the deep flow of gratitude for all the blessings of my life, both these forces, propel me to ask how can I do my bit to support and empower those with less and how can I inspire and transform those with more. They challenge me to show up! 

One of my prayers to God is, make me like a coconut tree, use every part of me till nothing is left. Joining this community of LivingMyPromise is one of my endeavours to become that tree! 


If you are interested in learning about the initiative or if you believe this is the community for you and want to join in please click on the link below. One of our team members will contact you.