Hemant Gaule

Hemant Gaule is Co-Founder & Dean at School of Communications & Reputation. He is a communications professional with experience in corporate & brand communications of diverse brand portfolios, with keen focus on digital engagement.

“We come with nothing and we go with nothing. The value we create while we live remains here and it is our duty to share it with those who need it most.

I have discovered the joy of giving and have experienced how rewarding it is to help the underprivileged. Presently, I dedicate a part of my life in making the lives of those around us better and occasionally helping the needy.

I am glad to have found a way to help after we’re gone. And living the rest of our lives knowing that I’am creating this wealth for not just ourselves but possibly for so many people whose lives will improve from it, gives it more meaning. It adds an exciting perspective and motivation. By making this pledge, I also hope to inspire more people to join in.”

– Hemant Gaule


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