Bits & Bytes – September 15th, 2023

Philanthropy’s Great Convergence

Philanthropy's Great Convergence

In FY22, $18.7 billion was spent on social activities and projects in the country, says India Philanthropy Report 2023, prepared by non-profit organisation Dasra and global consultancy Bain & Co. While CSR was $3.3 billion, family philanthropy and contributions from family offices, ultra-high net worth individuals, high net worth individuals and affluent accounted for another $3.6 billion. Retail philanthropy added up to $4 billion. Foreign funds from private foundations were another $2 billion. Apart from this, impact investments amounted to $5.8 billion. While CSR spending expanded 13% a year from FY17 to FY22, family philanthropy grew 12%. Community donations rose 6% annually from FY17 to FY22. However, foreign funding has been more or less stagnant, with share of private foreign donations declining to 14% from with 15% in FY21 and 21% in FY17.



Small Bites and Big Bets: The Challenge of Philanthropy

It was the first time I had been invited to the kind of reception where important people go to meet even more important people. I was still young and absolutely not important, invited probably because the conference that led up to this reception needed populating. The food looked gorgeous. The jewelled red of the freshest tuna sashimi, golden spring rolls on a bed of diverse greens, small samosas next to a bright green sauce, tiny tarts with bright strawberries sitting regally on top, neat little sandwiches with the crusts cut off… And much more. A portfolio of the greatest hits of world canapé cuisine, echoing the other portfolios that were in discussion in this conclave of the global rich.


Why Workplace Giving Can Be a Valuable Asset for Both Employers and Employees

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is defined, simply, as companies integrating “social and environmental concerns in their business operations and interactions with their stakeholders.” One of the key frameworks of CSR, as explained in Carroll’s pyramid of CSR, is philanthropy. (The other three pillars are economic, ethical and legal.) Concepts in workplace giving – from volunteer hours and activities to corporate or employee giving accounts – are becoming extremely valuable assets in the 21st century.



Rising India must have an international charity to bolster its global soft power

As India is making steady strides as a rising world power, there seems to exist one lacuna that New Delhi must fill to firm up in its humanitarian approach in world affairs – the establishment and use of philanthropy, or charity, as a tool of foreign policy. Many leading and developing countries are supportive of and foster international charities and welfare foundations working on many fronts throughout the globe.


The Power of Trust-based Philanthropy


In the face of unprecedented challenges and opportunities, philanthropy is evolving into a more dynamic and influential force for positive transformation. Donors are becoming more aware of the complexities of the issues they aim to address, leading to more strategic, efficient, and impactful allocation of funds. The convergence of social movements, global crises, and visionary leadership is propelling philanthropy into a new era of innovation and effectiveness. Collaboration among philanthropists, policymakers, and stakeholders is crucial to leverage their collective resources and expertise in tackling pressing global challenges.



Preserving Philanthropic Freedom: Nonprofits, Donor Privacy and Political Engagement

From poverty-alleviation initiatives and cultural establishments to faith-based communities and business groups, this mosaic of formal and informal entities collectively uplifts a wide spectrum of causes, often addressing issues that lie beyond the realm of governmental intervention.




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