Bits & Bytes – July 15th, 2023

Fostering Sustainable Institutions: Philanthropy’s Time to Invest in NGO Capacity Building

Capacity building is one of the most complex aspects of what it takes to impact lives at scale and is a critical element in ensuring non-profits’ sustainability, resilience, and effective functioning. While technical and programmatic proficiency is essential, scaling up of impact requires investment in strengthening internal systems, processes, and people beyond the programs. The truth is that only a tiny proportion of India’s more than three million non-profits have achieved significant scale.



U.S. Is Not The Only Place With Donor Trouble

Giving has slacked, however, among India’s ultrahigh net worth individuals (UNHI) — those with net worth in excess of roughly $121 million. Among this cohort, giving has shrunk by 5% from FY 2021, despite a 9% increase in cumulative wealth growth, according to India Philanthropy Report 2023, new data from Boston-based consultancy Bain and Company and Dasra, a strategic philanthropic organization based in Mumbai, India.



Stepping into Greatness: Sia’s Journey of Empowering Thousands with Every Sole

Can you conceive the idea of enduring a day without the comfort of footwear, especially in the blistering heat? It seems unfathomable. Yet, if we open our eyes, we encounter countless individuals in our midst, from impoverished workers to desperate beggars, who navigate their daily struggles without even the most basic soles. This stark reality touched the heart of a remarkable 16-year-old girl, Sia Goshika, igniting a profound mission within her: to donate a sole and, in doing so, save a soul.



The benefits of engaging through Philanthropy

The direction of my life has been forever changed by the relationships I’ve made through work with charitable initiatives. I’ve met numerous philanthropic organizations and people who are committed to helping make the world a better place – in ways I never thought possible.



How Data Can Help Nonprofits Bring in More Donations

That is the power of an organization using its data, Stabb says. By taking information that an organization already has, nonprofits can home in on their most promising prospects and better connect with all donors. There was a time when many fundraising leaders were skeptical about whether data and analysis could really translate into more gifts or better, richer relationships with donors. The first step for data-minded fundraisers was winning over wary bosses. No more.



5 Indian Social Activists you must know about

In any country, social activism is crucial to bring about social changes to ensure the betterment of society. India has numerous social activists who have been committed to bringing social reforms and advocating social justice for a change in society with the help of awareness campaigns and social work, among other activities.




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