Bits & Bytes – August 15th, 2023

Family Philanthropy: The Key to Bridging India’s Social Sector Funding Deficit

Family philanthropy, which includes contributions from UHNIs (net wealth >INR 1,000 crore), HNIs (net wealth of INR 200–1,000 crore), and affluent givers (net wealth of INR 7–200 crore), is a significant source of private domestic contributions. Despite a funding deficit in the social sector, this form of giving can bridge the gap, currently accounting for 33% of private domestic contributions. It’s projected to grow annually by 12% through FY 2027.



CSR Foundation plants 47,000+ saplings across India to support a sustainable planet

HCLFoundation, which delivers the corporate social responsibility (CSR) agenda of HCLTech in India, announced it planted 47,000+ saplings of different native species across India to mark the 47th anniversary of the HCL Group. 



Indian American Philanthropy: A Tradition of Seeding Change and Inspiring Giving

These philanthropists believe that giving back is not just about writing a check, but also about making a verifiable difference in the lives of others. They are actively engaged in supporting causes that are important to them, and they are using their resources and expertise to both create lasting change and to inspire others to get involved in philanthropy. 



Dedicated engineer-turned-social worker raises cervical cancer awareness in rural areas

Collaborating with local organizations, she utilizes innovative methods and conducts counselling sessions on risk factors, treatment methods, and other related topics with patients.



Targeted Philanthropy Is Good Business: Tips For Making A Positive Difference

An organization can have a lasting impact in its community in a positive way, or it can be the business equivalent of a person living with headphones on, siloed and shut off, staring at his screen, avoiding all local engagement and gradually hollowed at the core. We make these choices as individuals, whether we recognize them or not. Businesses face the same inner value proposition. Over time, the public recognizes one answer versus the other when it hears your business name.



Re-Embracing the Work of Fundraising

The profession and practice of fundraising stretches across thousands of American nonprofits, from small one-person “shops” of development officers to large teams with dozens of fundraisers. There are many methods of fundraising and people who do them: Major Giving, Direct Marketing, Giving Circles, Planned Giving, and many others.




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