Balbir Bora


“I have been fortunate to be signing up for this noble initiative and I thank my parents who inculcated the culture of giving in me. I learned over time the importance of giving which can make a difference to someone and your desire to see that change makes it more impactful. I am focussing on specific areas where I want to see the change.

Why I want to sign up with #LivingMyPromise is because I want to do it on my own rather than associate with a name (e.g. NGO) and I have a specific agenda for a particular region. I believe in creating something useful for society and making it sustainable.

I would like to inspire all who know me to come forward and support such good causes. I want my wealth to grow forever and the best way of doing it will be giving it to the masses who need it and they further grow it.”

– Balbir Bora


If you are interested in learning about the initiative or if you believe this is the community for you and want to join in please click on the link below. One of our team members will contact you.