Anant Arora

Sustainability & Communication

The inspiration and motivation to have “serving as a part of life design” came from my parents who always made me realise as a child that you are over fortunate to have an unfair share of privileges given by god and you should repay back by being of support and help to those who are not as lucky.

A part of fathers earning every month we saw being set aside by mother in a separate envelope marked “DAAN” and being used on various interventions impacting humans as against to religious giving which was the most prevalent giving use case those days. I remember my first salary too finding space in that wonder envelope which existed for the unserved/underserved and the tradition continues till now without a break month on month.

While not fixated to any particular cause, inequality bothers me quite very much and the commitment to the sector is to see a more equitable world.

LivingMyPromise was on my mind for some time and what better to use wealth for a larger good. I am committed to giving a minimum of 50% of my wealth, mostly during my lifetime and balance in my will. As said aptly “You are wealthy only when you can share what you have in abundance-what ever you may define wealth as”

– Anant Arora


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